Hi Karen, How are you?
To be honest, I’ve been singing the praises of Silchester ever since I got the job with X.
All the advice and guidance given was invaluable and I’m so glad I went with you. I felt dubious on several occasions of the advice I was given through other agencies, however I listened to what you said, and although it wasn’t quite what I was expecting to hear, this proved to be the best decision I could have made and I’m delighted with the result.
By the way, I love the job, the company and my colleagues. Best choice I ever made was applying for the post through Silchester. Again thank you. Please pass my regards to Sarah. Take care,


Hi Sarah, Just a couple of thoughts…
Silchester Associates- they are like pot noodles…..an absolute miracle!    …  this testimonial may not make the cut!
Silchester Associates are the Charlie’s Angels of recruitment and Executive search with Sarah Waring standing in as Charlie, I don’t know which one is Bosley but they are all angels. Any challenge and scenario they always get their targets placed extremely well. They are very discreet and professional but also extremely fun to work with. I recommend Sarah, Bosley and their whole team.


Hello Sarah –  You asked for my feedback:   It’s a pleasure to work with an independent agency who behave ethically, and represent both the candidate and our company  in partnership. Our open channel of communication with you and your colleagues enables a professional and straightforward approach to the recruitment process.


Dear Gill and Sarah
I would just like to say thank you for such a fantastic job that you have done in the recruitment of the 2 Client Service managers for us.
As you know the role and my requirements were rather stretching so to be presented with so many suitable candidates was not only unexpected but impressive. In my years of dealing with agencies and head hunters it is unusual to find a business partner that goes to the level of detail you did.
Your comprehension on what I was looking for, and why was a first, coupled with your knowledge of our organisation meant that the right people were sent to me and my time wasn’t wasted.
You did a great job and I won’t hesitate to pick up the phone to use you again. I will also be recommending you to others in my organisation.

Regard and thanksEmma

Director – UK, Medical Services Company)

I hope that all is going well your end. The job is going well and I’m hugely grateful for your help.
I have only positive things to say about Silchester. Your strength is that you actually listen.
I had very specific ideas about what I was looking for; I’d had a few conversations with agencies expressing exactly what I was looking for and then be called 2 days later being offered something which didn’t relate at all!
I really felt that you believed in me and were on my side. Thank you.


Silchester provide a distinctive and focussed response to recruitment, identifying individuals with flair and individuality. This may not fit every organisation but in an era of accelerating change and competition the type and calibre of individual an enterprise needs in sales and business development is arguably different than what has been the norm.

Pete- NSM, UK

Dear Sarah,   Lene told me how content she was with the candidates you have chosen. She was very impressed how precisely you have worked! So we are very happy and would just like to say: Thank you very much!

With kind regards
Andreas,  Human Resources Manager – Germany / DACH GmbH  Co.

Dear Gill
Just a quick note to say thank you for your phone message regarding the  job. I have to say it’s refreshing – not to say down right  surprising (in my experience) –  to get any feedback whatsoever from a recruitment agency – so I do appreciate your getting in touch. You and your team make me feel like I have value, and it’s a boost to be treated nicely,  and respectfully, especially  during this sort of time.

Colin  ( candidate from the NW)

Hello Gill,
Thank You very much for your emails and telephone calls. I am quite chuffed and not to say honoured! I wish I had approached Silchester Associates when I first starting researching about the healthcare industry. I will certainly promote your company to anyone that wants a career in the healthcare industry.

Gill, I aim to give it my best at both the interviews. Thank you for your snippets! Very useful. Never ever have I been briefed so much prior to an interview with any of the other recruitment agencies. Heck, I would want to work as a recruitment consultant for Silchester if ever there was an opportunity!
Anyway, enough of me blabbering on- thanks a mil for all your amazing support
With kind regards

Hi Gill,
As you are probably now aware, I have successfully managed to secure a role at Smith & Nephew.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and efforts in trying to place me in a new role.
As I stated, yesterday, to your colleague Sarah, this whole process has been an interesting one, as I have realised who I will, in the need arises, to contact if I have to look for another position in the future, and Silchester Associates will definitely be the  top 1 of only 3 agencies I would feel comfortable contacting.
Once again, thank you for all your help.  As promised, we (my wife and I), will forward the details of candidates who we know are seeking a new role, to you, as soon as we become aware of anyone looking.
Your professionalism is a credit to Silchester’s, and your insider knowledge, of the key people within the industry, is invaluable.

 Kind regards
Narinder  ( Candidate- Midlands)

Hi Gill
You have worked SO HARD for me on this.
I do appreciate your thoughts, I know in my heart that this is the best option for me …
So you will be pleased to hear that I have posted off the signed contract this morning!!!
Thank you so much for all the effort and help you have shown me. It has been great talking to you – I shall miss our conversations! If I ever need help in the future I will be sure to come back to you.

Sophie –  ( candidate UK)

Many thanks again for all your hard work on my behalf! I have emailed Sandy and thanked her also.
There may be a bottle of something winging its way to you soon…
Thanks again.

Steve   (candidate from the NW )

Hi Samira
Hope you are all ok down there and not working too hard!  I feel like a sponge at the moment with all the new information being thrown at me.
Once again thanks for all your help, and would have no hesitation in recommending yourselves to anyone. You have turned a horrid experience into a roller coaster and fun journey.


Dear Sarah and Karen
I would like to thank you both for all of your hard work in getting me sorted with my cv, answering my endless questions and being a great support.  You have been the best recruitment agency I have dealt with and the most professional.

Thank you again for all of your help.
Nicola   ( candidate- SW)

Hi Samira,
Thanks for keeping me updated. You ladies at Silchester are excellent at this compared to other companies I have spoken too. You understand the medical devices market, and have done my job before.   It is much appreciated being able to talk to someone who understands and isn’t just trying to push me take any old job to fill their numbers in!


Dear Sarah,
I am delighted to announce that I have been appointed as General Sales Manager (National and International) of XXX.
Everything has happened rather quickly and I start next Monday.
I would like to thank you for your very hard efforts to get me employment. There is no doubt you have been the most pro-active and the most professional agency I have dealt with. I am saddened it was not Silchester who placed me here.
Nonetheless in time I will need to build a team and I would have no hesitation in using you for future assignments or recommending you. X do have a retained agent at present. They are Okay but not in your league.
So I hope to be dealing with you again soon as a corporate client rather than as a candidate.

 With best regards

 Hi Sarah
This is just a quick note to say thanks for all of your help in securing me the role at X.
Throughout the process you have been the ultimate Professional. The service that I have received is second to none and puts to shame so many of your “Competitors”.
So thanks again, enjoy your week away, and if we ever get the chance I owe you a large drink! (of water of course).

Very Best Regards

Dear Gill,
I suppose it was my inherent dislike of recruitment agencies that first drew me to SA. What I mean by that is that my general experience has been that they are of little use to clients, often submitting wholly inappropriate candidates who in some cases they have never interviewed. I also find that many of them are unfair to candidates, often when they are at their most vulnerable.
In the case of Sarah, clearly she knows well our specific sector of the market and she has a good knowledge of what skills are required.
The candidates who have been submitted to me by SA have been well briefed and have a thorough knowledge of what we are looking for.
I think also Sarah has a good understanding of her clients as regards personal likes and dislikes.

Brian ( Treasured but  demanding client from the SE)


Dear Gill,
I have always found Silchester Associates to be an excellent company to deal with. They really take the time to understand what your requirements are when looking for personnel, and take the time to understand the requirements of the candidates as well. This helps to smooth and speed the whole process. We have taken on some excellent staff through Silchester Associates.

Simon   RGN Business Development Manager Theatre Products xxxxx (UK) Ltd


Hi Sarah and Gill,
Hope you both are well. I found my experience with you fantastic. You were very personal and found the right job which was suited for me. It did take sometime, however, I can’t recommend you enough to others. I was asked by Baxter to rate the company which put me in touch with them and I gave a glowing report!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah you are amazing thank you for all your time and support!!!

Regards Nikki  ( candidate, Clinical Nurse Advisor, now back in the NHS at a very senior level!)


Samira and Cindy, The friendly approach and the eagerness to help have certainly made recruiting a more pleasant experience
Identify customer needs and consequently  meet them with the right candidates , this summarizes my experience with Silchester Associates.

Director of  Marketing Center for Vascular Intervention at XXX


Hi Gill & Sarah
From the moment that I contacted you, I felt completely at ease and confident in the knowledge that you had my interests at heart. I was further reassured by your openness and skill at qualifying exactly which roles would suit me, as oppose to offering me everything under the sun.
I am truly indebted to you both and would not hesitate in recommending you and your company to friends, family and associates

Thanks again

Scott, PS. I have not forgotten that I owe you both champagne.


Dear Sarah and Gill,
Happy to share my experience!  I found the Silchester experience helpful, supportive and friendly.  I found all of you to be extremely professional whilst being down to earth and approachable.  I especially remember the e-mails when I was in a much nicer place (remember Australia?) keeping me informed of interview progress and new opportunities!  Also the interview prep was excellent, this was hugely beneficial as I had been out of the corporate world for over a year and felt a little rusty.  My job at X is working out well – even if my role keeps changing!  Thank you for matching me up so accurately with a position and team to work with.
Hope not to need your services too soon but would definitely return to your company!

Many thanks

Hannah  – Nurse Advisor/Product Specialist.


‘’Silchester fitted me to my present role very well and encouraged me along the way.  At the time I had 2 jobs to choose from and their guidance and care really helped me make my mind up.  I never actually managed to meet Gill because my previous manager decided to do a field visit on that day, but Gill and I formed a good working relationship over the phone.  Their service was efficient, helpful, caring and prompt, which is important when one is making a career change.  I do not want to change my job for a long time but would have no hesitation at asking them for advice if I did.

Vanessa  Sales Specialist IV Fluids, Hospital Care


Hi Sarah,
I would just like to say how pleased Rachel and I are with the way Silchester Associates are moving forward with CV’s and profiles of candidates.  We hope that out of the 5 agencies we are currently working with that SA will become an established business partner and look forward to a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Kind regards Kathy–  Guidant  HR- ( Testimonial pulled out of archive, as we thought it was so nice)


Hi Sarah
I have just accepted a Marketing Manager position with XX.   I am over the moon with the position as I will have responsibility for the entire product range and responsibility for the distributors in Europe.
I would like to thank you for all of your help and for persuading me to pursue a marketing role.  If we had not met I would have ended up with my new role, that I love.
Speak to you again when I make my next career move.

 Best Regards


‘’Thanks to you I have found a job that I would never have dreamt about, primarily because it wasn’t even advertised! But Gill and Samira  did excellent research into the company and was sure that she could persuade them that they actually required me to help them move further forward in their field.  This was something that they weren’t aware of at the time, but luckily for me, they took this information on board, closely followed by myself.

Professionally, I found Sarah/Silchester to be excellent, and this was extended to incorporate a great personal rapport as well.  Unfortunately I haven’t been in the vicinity of the M4 recently, but have a bottle of fizz in the boot of my car for when I next pass Reading! .

Thanks both,  Angela ( aesthetics  sales and clinical training – dual role)


Thank you for all your assistance …. it’s been excellent working with you ….. I have worked with some Recruitment agencies (who shall remain nameless!!) in the past that have seriously driven me mad !!! …. Having worked with Silchester and with you in recruiting Becky and hopefully Andrea, you have restored my faith and expectations. You have been the most ‘down to earth professionals’ and it has been my pleasure.
I will hopefully be in touch with you in the very near future regarding other opportunities.

 Thank you very much, Best regards
Jo  ( Clinical sales Manager and Nurse Lead)


Hi Karen,
You asked for my feedback- here it is!
Your  agency found the perfect job for me that matches my skills and personality.
You  gave me the support that I needed to be prepared for interviews. I cannot thank them enough for the impact that they had on my life by helping me getting the perfect position for me.
I could honestly go on for hours… about how Sarah and you were fantastic, excellent listeners, you gave me really good advices, guide me through all this journey…😊

Except that life is more than good!!! I loooove the job, and I really like the team. X is extremely nice and always there for me… overall the company is really amazing, and I am so happy to be part of… as I said, I cannot thank you enough for all what you done for me.. really I mean it!
…..and nothing of this will have happened without your help!
Thanks 🙏!!

Celine  –  Neuro Sciences Clinical Specialist


I was interviewed by Gill, at Silchester Associates Ltd, in June. I was applying for a job as a Nurse Advisor working for a medical company, as I am a nurse.
The interview was handled in a very professional and non-intimidating manner. I felt comfortable throughout even though I was not sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. The interview was conducted in a very casual manner.
The interview started with a discussion of my goals and what I was looking for in a job. We then covered a few scenarios and then ended off discussing my CV. Gill went through a few of the prospective company portfolios that she we agreed she would approach on my behalf.
I was one of two people hired by the company, that I am currently with, who had been interviewed by Sarah and Gill. My colleague shared my same views and was very positive about her experience with Silchester Associates Ltd.
I have provided their details to a few people in the field as I was very impressed with their comfortable, yet professional manner. I would return to them if I needed assistance again’’.

Yours sincerely Andrea   ( Candidate Midlands area – Vascular Access and Critical  Care sales)


Silchester to Emily –  General Manager  Medical Devices
Hi Emily, We are collecting are some fresh customer comments for the new web site. Are you up to emailing over some comments?

Emily:  Sarah- write anything you want and Ill sign it- you know your team is the best, stop fishing for compliments!

Sarah: Emily, that’s not appropriate!  Just  a few sentences- it doesn’t matter if its colloquial…?

Emily:    Ok, but I bet you don’t post this one….

Xxxxxx brilliant.  You girls nail it every time.    

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